Concrete trucks waiting to be distributed

Distribution Of Concrete

Just what you need, safely delivered concrete for small and big projects. How? Click below!

Applying Concrete Finisher

Application of Concrete

CemTex Concrete Ready Mix apply the cement, water, aggregates, etc with help. Now how do we finalized the concrete? Read more!

Pouring cement using a concrete pump truck with high boom to supply the mixture

Pump Services

In this business we know that sometimes for a project residential or commercial it might be hard to apply concrete in certain areas. What tool do we provide?

Metro Concrete Job Site

Fleet Services

CemTex Concrete Ready Mix help contribute for others in need of concrete trucks. Do you need 1 or 2 maybe even 3? Find out below!

Labor Crew

Organize Labor Crew

CemTex Concrete Ready Mix doesn’t want you to do things alone. Want help? Help is on the way!

Raul at shiver

Project Coordinator

At CemTex Concrete Ready Mix we coordinate your project to save time and energy. See how we do it!

Mixing of a plaster solution by an electric drill.

Concrete Mixes, Aggregates, And Admixes

We, CemTex Concrete Ready Mix do our best to provide our customers with the most captivating building solutions by supplying our main constituents ready mix concrete, aggregates, and admixes. What types you may ask? See more!