CemTex Concrete Employees

Meet CemTex Concrete Experts

We not only aim for high quality concrete ready mix but we also make sure our customers are satisfied with our job. Here are details of each members success at CemTex Concrete Reay Mix.

CemTex Employee-Raul Garza

Raul Garza

CemTex Employee-Sayly Garza

Sayly Garza

CemTex Employee-Alexis Garza

Alexis Garza

Alexis Garza is the main Dispatch with CemTex Ready Mix. Alexis currently helps her parents’ family-owned business while attending college. She serves as the first point of contact, manages all customer requests, directs drivers to their destinations, and review’s driver reports at the end of every workday. Straight out of high school, Alexis has kept her responsibility with work, school, and volunteer services.

CemTex Employee-Brissy Ramirez

Brissy Ramirez

Brissy Ramirez is the Accounts payable and receivable with CemTex Ready Mix. In this role, Brissy manages all aspects of processing invoices, collecting payments, dispatching drivers to jobsites, and minor sales. Brissy focuses on making sure that all clients are well informed from the moment they call until the moment all services have been performed.

CemTex Employee-Hugo Baez

Hugo Baez

Hugo Baez is the Treasurer at CemTex Concrete Ready-Mix LLC, where Hugo oversees all finances as well as performing all treasurer duties, working with the insurances, and supplying quotes for projects. As a CemTex member Hugo not only focuses on the bookkeeping but also ensures that customers are well informed about the mixes for their projects.

CemTex Employee-Joaquin Garza

Joaquin Garza

CemTex Employee-Honey


Honey the cat is one of the Human Resources Associates with Cemtex Ready mix. Honey oversees all major conflicts within the office, her methods may be unusual or may be called unorthodox, but nevertheless her bites and scratches demonstrate her passion and dedication. At an early age, Honey learned the character needed to work in a construction environment. Honey is a workaholic almost never stepping out of the office. In summary, her life is her work.

CemTex Employees
CemTex Employees